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Do asexuals face any discrimination?
Asexuals do face discrimination. Whether asexuals can call themselves “queer” or belong in LGBT+ has long been a source of contention, because the issues faced by the asexual community are not exactly the same as LGBT+ issues, but they overlap.

Not all asexuals are heteroromantic, and would like to be able to marry a partner of the same sex.
Corrective rape, often a weapon used against lesbians and gay men to “fix” them, is also something that asexual people are at risk for.
Lack of representation of sexual minorities in the media. This has begun to improve, but the vast majority of mainstream media characters and relationships are heterosexual, which only increases the feelings of defectiveness and brokenness among non-heterosexuals. Among sexual minorities, asexuals are some of the least represented.
Employment discrimination and other types of discrimination
Asexual people aren’t always cisgender! Trans issues can be intersectional with asexual issues.
Being told asexuality doesn’t exist.
Being told by other non-heterosexual allosexuals that we don’t exist.
Therapists refusing to treat patients unless they are willing to address their “sexuality issues” as well because “asexuality is not a thing.”
Spousal rape. It is often expected that sex eventually becomes part of a relationship. Some people don’t believe it’s rape if you’re married.
PennAces “Asexuality 101”- Do Asexuals face any discrimination?  (via theasexualpancake)

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Anonymous asked: Hi sorry I hope you don't mind me asking you for advice on this.. I just don't know what to do.. I told my bf I'm asexual and he was fine with it once I explained what that meant but recently I've been thinking I might be sex repulsed too and I told him and we talked for ages and he said he can't imagine being with someone who he can't do sexual things with and even though he loves me he might leave if I am sex repulsed. I'm so scared, and so is he.


You need to keep talking about it. I would recommend that you each fill out a Want Will Won’t list and see how they line up - remember, it’s not about what you think your partner wants, it’s about what you want and where you boundaries are. Then compare your lists; if there are things that he really wants that are in your Won’t column, that’s a sign that you might not be the best fit for each other. 

He needs to think about what he really wants - is it you? Or is sex more important to him? If you really matter to him, then you should be able to work it out so your relationship doesn’t involve sex, but stays strong. If it’s sex, then that’s a sign that you deserve better - you deserve someone who loves you as you are and respects your boundaries.