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Anonymous asked: do you know any blogs for aromantic people specifically? i've been searching but no luck yet



There is Ask An Aromantic, for more information about being aromantic or advice for aro folks.  It doesn’t seem to have been active in about a month, so I don’t know if they’re still around, but their archives are there. Aromantic Aardvark and Aromantic Secrets are two aromantic oriented blogs — one for meme posts, the other is a Post Secret style blog.  Asexuality Exists has a list of aromantic asexual-spectrum bloggers here.  (I have personally found anagnori and metapianycist to be excellent people to follow for social justice posts in general, and aro/ace spectrum posts specifically. The two of them are where I get a lot of my information.)  Aromanticnerd is run by an allosexual aromantic person who messaged us offering to be a resource for aro/potentially aro people.  There are also a couple blogs I found poking around the aromantic tag. Unlike the others I’ve listed, I can’t speak for their content, but what I’ve seen so far looks good! They are thearospace, slingsandaros, and aroacemusic (in case you’d like some nice non-romantic/sexual tunes).

I hope this helps, Anon!


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Anonymous asked: speaking of ace rings, is there anywhere reliable to get a good quality but cheap priced ace ring?


Amazon is always wonderful. They have a good selection of cheap rings that are still decent quality. Stainless steel is the best bet probably. If you spend a little more and get a Tungsten Carbide ring it will be a hell of a lot more durable, but stainless steel will work just fine on a budget.

I wouldn’t recommend Hematite. They shatter easily.

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Anonymous asked: I think we should reclaim "special snowflake" along with pan people, non-binary people, etc., and we should all wear snowflake jewelry to show how supportive of each other and awesome we are


I am completely on board with this plan. Snowflake jewelry for everyone!

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old research dealing with asexuality - Pre-2002


Now this is really cool.  articles from 1981 and 1979 talking about asexuality

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